Malawi Govt seeks affordable and reliable energy by relying on private investors

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In Malawi, the government is evaluating ways and means to provide cheaper and reliable electricity to populations by relying on private producers. The latter were also invited by the Minister of Energy to accelerate the implementation of projects validated by the executive.

In Malawi, the authorities have initiated discussions with private investors to determine the extent to which they could provide reliable and affordable energy to populations. This announcement was made by Energy Minister Newton Kambala.

According to him, investors and foreign companies are unable to invest in the country due to the energy deficit and corruption in particular, reports Malawi News Agency . “This is why we are at the Ruo-Ndiza power plant to see how far we can improve the situation to increase the proportion of Malawians with access to affordable and reliable electricity from 10% to 30%,” said the Minister during a visit to the infrastructure site.

Newton Kambala also expressed concern that of the 10 investors who have shown an interest in the energy sector in recent years, only 3 have made progress with their projects. “The rest have done nothing since getting the contracts. Let me warn you that if nothing is done within the next two months the licenses will be revoked because Malawians cannot wait for you , ” the official said.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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