Perenco to produce liquefied petroleum gas in Gabon

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Perenco Gabon will expand its offer by offering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a product intended for households.

Franco-Briton Perenco has just signed a new agreement with the government for the development of hydrocarbons in Gabon. This is amendment 2 to the agreement binding the multinational with the State.

Through this new contract, the oil operator, which until now has focused on the marketing of natural gas for power stations, will offer a new product on the market. It is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a mixture of light hydrocarbons, stored in the liquid state and resulting from the refining of petroleum for 40% and from the processing of natural gas for 60%. According to details provided by the government, the agreement will allow the construction of facilities, in Batanga in Ogooué-Maritime, for the production of this product intended for households.

This agreement, initialed by the Minister of Petroleum, Vincent de Paul Massassa, on behalf of the Gabonese State, commits the oil operator to further “  develop the hydrocarbon sector in Gabon, among others, by supporting the Gabonese State in the development mature fields  , ”said Baptiste Breton, Country Director General of Perenco.

For Minister Vincent de Paul Massassa, “  this amendment is the logical consequence of the establishment of Perenco in the expansion of oil activities in Gabon. We see here the will of an operator well known in our bosom and which makes firm commitments, in particular, that of going forward and expanding further in our country  ”.

The Franco-British company has been operating in Gabon since 1992. Presented as one of the most important hydrocarbon producers, it thus strengthens its position as leader on the Gabonese oil and gas market.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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