KOSAP grants $4.6m to distributors of solar kits and improved stoves in Kenya

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In Kenya, the government, through the off-grid solar access project (KOSAP) allocated $ 4.6 million to 19 companies to distribute 165,000 solar kits and 85,000 improved stoves to populations in 14 counties.

In Kenya, the Solar Offgrid Access Project (KOSAP) allocated 500 million shillings ($ 4.6 million) to companies providing energy solutions to populations. In all, 19 companies, of which 10 offer solar home installations and 9 distribute clean cooking solutions will benefit from the funding.

With this funding, companies will be able to feed their stock and implement the appropriate marketing and distribution strategies to reach the greatest number of customers.

Distributors of solar home installations have received 300 million shillings which will enable them to provide around 165,000 kits. The remaining 200 million shillings went to the benefit of the distributors of improved stoves who will have to supply about 85,000 of this equipment to households.

Scheduled to be implemented over five years, KOSAP will facilitate the access of 250,000 households to solar solutions and 150,000 households to ecological cooking equipment. About 4.7 billion additional shillings are planned to be made available to companies active in this sector under the program, according to the CapitalFM website . The total project envelope is 15 billion shillings.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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