Libya’s NOC and Total plan Mabruk oil field rehabilitation

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Executives of Libya’s National Oil Corp (NOC) and French firm Total met in on Dec 1 to discuss current preparations to rehabilitate the Mabruk Oil Field which was damaged during a 2015 attack. The rehabilitation is to be fast-tracked and both owners are supporting the operator to reinstate the field and resume production. Also discussed was long-term, medium-term and short-term plans to increase production rates in general.

Among those on hand for the December 1 meeting was Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, Mr. Stephane Michel, Total Director of Exploration and Production for Middle East, North Africa as well as executives from Waha Oil Company and the Mabruk Operating Committee.

Development of North Gialo, NC98, Gialo three and Dahra Jofra projects were discussed in detail as regards the way forward to put them on production as planned. Both NOC and Total agrees to form teams to follow up these projects as its forecasted to produce about 300 MBOPD from these fields.

Eng. Sanalla commented that NOC seeks to expand the partnership and build bridges of cooperation with Total to develop the Libyan oil sector utilizing Total’s advanced technology and considerable experience in the oil and gas field.

In this regard, Mr. Michel commented by saying: “We are happy to visit Libya particularly after the improvement of the security situation and restoring stability to most Libyan cities, especially Tripoli the capital. I congratulate Messrs. Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors at the National Oil Corporation for the huge accomplishments that have been achieved by restoring the production rates to the levels that were before the blockades despite the difficult circumstances. We confirm that Total looks at Libya as one of the most important countries and destinations in the Mediterranean Sea for investment and establishing the mega-projects and we are proud of being one of NOC’s strategic partners. We are fully aware of the challenges that it faces of which the most important is the shortage of financial resources required for performing maintenance operations and resuming the significant projects that considerably support the Libyan economy. Total will continue working with the National Oil Corporation for its being the one who unified all Libyans and protected the oil wealth throughout the past years.”

At the end of the meeting, Sanalla asserted that the National Oil Corporation and its partners had achieved during the past months several important engineering works and essential maintenance in some fields of Waha Oil Company and also in Al Sharara Oil Field operated by Akakus Oil Operations.

He added: “NOC and its partners are working with their full capacity to increase production rales and achieve the ambitious plans and goals of NOC to reach unprecedented production rates during the next years, which will contribute to restoring stability in the State of Libya. Once again, and on behalf of my colleagues Members of the Board of Directors at NOC I thank Total for all support which it provided to us in combating Coronavirus pandemic which reflected positively on our companies and local communities surrounding our operations. I emphasize that we seek to benefit from the expertise of Total in order to develop the Libyan oil sector, capacity building and knowledge transfer.”


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