Great Renaissance dam tripartite negotiations hit another snag

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The saga of the Great Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia continues. After the intervention of the African Union, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan returned to the negotiating table … only to hit a wall again.

Tripartite negotiations on the operation of the Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) in Ethiopia are again at an impasse. “We cannot continue this vicious circle of fruitless negotiations , ” said Sudanese Irrigation Minister Yasir Abbas. However, in two separate communiques, Egypt and Ethiopia unanimously blame the current lockdowns on Sudan.

Sudan fears that GERD will submerge the nearby Roseires dam if the countries do not reach an agreement to share the information. Ethiopia further criticizes Sudan for not including its experts in the meetings, despite the terms of reference agreed under the aegis of the African Union. An absence which led to the end of the talks.

Sudan insisted that African Union experts be assigned to offer solutions to disputes, an approach about which the other two countries have reservations,” said the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs on social networks.

The dam with a capacity of 6,450 MW, built on the Nile, is creating tensions in the region. For several years, the negotiations aimed to reassure Egypt that the infrastructure will not harm its drinking water supply.

While awaiting the outcome of the negotiations, the dam built to more than 70% on own funds is already in the filling phase. At the rate things are going, there is a good chance that the dam will enter into service without the negotiations being successful.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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