Libyan state firm NOC prepares for emergency response at Gallo field

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Libya’s NOC is raising the level of readiness to respond to potential emergency situations and to that end the Emergency Committee in the Western and Southern Region carried out a working visit for the purpose of evaluating the oil well fire-fighting system in the Gallo 59 field, in coordination with the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

The head of the emergency committee in the western and southern regions, accompanied by members of the committee carried out a visit from Feb 7-14, in cooperation with the head of the safety department of Al-Zueitina Company and the director of the Safety Department of Al-Waha Company, to evaluate Gallo field 59, Field 103A. The committee concluded that the system is still in good condition and can be maintained, operated and used in fighting oil well fires.

On this basis, a work program has been set up for the maintenance and operation of the system, testing and inspection of all its components. The committee is satisfied that training on operating such systems is very advanced and more than adequate for developing a response and fighting oil well fires.


Source: Petroleum Africa

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