New tender launch postponed for SA renewable power plants

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South Africa’s commitment to renewable energy has once again led the way. In order to cope with its energy deficit, the country intended to combine this type of energy with fossil sources.

Tenders for Phase 5 of the South African National Renewable Energy Programme (REIPPPP 5) have been postponed. It will be postponed for 12 days, the energy minister said. This situation is necessitated by the importance of remaining in line with the returns made by the National Treasury on the application of the preferential contracting policy.

“The government remains committed to providing the energy we need to revitalize our economy as quickly as possible. We are working hard to ensure that this delay will not affect the timeline we have put in place to connect these projects to the national electricity grid,” the Energy Ministry said.

This fifth phase of the program will allow the implementation of 1,600 MW of wind energy and 1,000 MW of photovoltaic solar energy. The size of the plants will vary between 1 and 140 MW for wind power and 1 and 75 MW for photovoltaic solar.

To reduce the regular offloading it undergoes, the country intends to install 4,800 MW of wind power plants, 2,000 MW of photovoltaic, 1,500 MW of coal-fired power plants, 3,000 MW of gas and 513 MWh of battery storage over the next three years.

In the meantime, this new postponement brings back old fears among observers. The contracts for the plants planned for Phase 4 were concluded in 2014. However, Eskom, the national power company, did not finally agree to sign the contracts to buy back electricity from the infrastructure until 2018, calling into question the contribution of renewable power plants to the electricity grid and citing financial difficulties.


Source: Agence Ecofin

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